Quick & Easy
Al Bhed Translator
(Brought to you by Rin's Travel Lodges)

So you've let your Al Bhed get rusty... or just forgot to pick up one of those primers... or need a 'pydrnuus' really quick but don't know how to ask for one? Then just use Rin's handy translator and you'll be spouting perfect Al Bhed in no time. Of course, this is Rin's, which means... it's not free. If you want to know how much each use cost, just click "Credit Report" and he'll be happy to tell you. (Note Unfortunately, the credit report seems to only work in IE. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know, thank you.)

Instructions: If you have an Al Bhed phrase you want to translate into English, or want to know what an English phrase would look in Al Bhed, just type it in the left textbox, click the appropriate language you wish to translate it to, and you'll see it on the right. Note that it will try and translate according to the English -> Al Bhed letter standards, so if you type something in English and click "English", it will try to translate it as if it were Al Bhed, and vice versus. Also, anything you don't want translated, i.e. names and proper nouns, should be enclosed within curly brackets {like this}. For more information on correct grammer and usage of Al Bhed, you should visit enigmaopoeia's Al Bhed Guide.

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