Welcome. I guess you're wondering what this is about. It's simple, really. Sites devoted either to yaoi or bish that deserve some recognition for their efforts receive a seal of approval. Who's seal? Ah, well, long story.

For those who may not know what yaoi is, you can read a quick definition right here. Even if you don't have a yaoi site, you can still apply if your site contains a nice amount of bish.

Bish? Short for bishounen. Literal translation means 'pretty boy', but I'm taking it out of context and extending it to 'pretty male'. Truth, I don't like them too young, but that's a personal preference, nothing more.

Not only do sites that gain a seal get to display it on their website, but a directory of all sites bearing a seal is kept here, in case visitors would like to see what kinds of site obtain said seal. (Gee, kinda high falootin' of me, ain't it?)

Think your site deserves a seal, then by all means, fill out the form and apply for one. If there's a particular bish* you'd like to see on a seal, point me to a pic and I'll see what I can do. Pics should be no smaller than 158 in height. Width isn't terribly important, though obviously you don't want it too wide.

Further questions? Contact me and I'll try and answer them for you.

Use the navigation bar at the right and I hope you enjoy your stay here.


(* Note: While I do have a Zechs seal, and perhaps if someone sends in Treize I'll use it, please... no GW boys. I'm terribly sorry but I've been overexposed to the pilots and I'm a bit tired. While I don't mind giving seals to GW sites, I want to try and limit my own exposure to them. Again, I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I need a break.)